The foundation "Veteranen Actief" (Active Veterans) created a platform to accommodate former military personnel, which has experiences in war and disaster areas. By joining their strength, their talent and their commitment “Veteranen Actief” will facilitate their return to the former operation areas to pursue the goal of the foundation.

“The realization of relieve to local population
with rebuilt projects in former war or disaster areas.”

This goal will be gained by devotion of the volunteers from out the Dutch veterans community with their specific experiences, knowledge, skills and flexibility. They have experienced, during their missions, the limitations in daily live in a country after a (civil) war. Through this experience many of them will volunteer to contribute and take part of the rebuilt but this time not as a soldier but as a human being.

If you are interested and would like more information about “Veteranen Actief”. Please contact: wim.brock@veteranen.nl